What is desiccant? Why do we have to use desiccant?

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What is desiccant? Why do we have to use desiccant?

What is desiccant?
Desiccant or dampener is used in many life. They have the ability to absorb and retain moisture inside of themselves, making the air in the product packaging contain a desiccant that achieves the desired moisture to ensure safe, Degreasers are produced in the form of granules such as: Silica Gel, Activated Clay, Activated Alumina, ..., in powder form: Calcium Chloride, in sticker form: Micro_Pak Or in the form of paper: Perlure Paper, ... or in another form.
Very few people know what a desiccant is because they rarely come in contact with them. The English name is Desiccant, however, the Vietnamese name is often referred to as the desiccant or its essence such as moisture-proof, moisture-proof, hygroscopic, moisture-proof, desiccant. , silica gel, activated clay, moisture proof paper, moisture resistant stamp ...

Desiccants are produced in large quantities, packed in large packages, and then depending on the needs and packaging requirements of the product, the dehumidifier is packed in small packages weighing from 1grs. , 2grs, 5grs, ... to 1kg for convenience of housekeeping, handicrafts, furniture, rattan, leather shoes, apparel, pharmaceuticals, electronics, dry food, goods agricultural products and other industrial products.
Why use desiccant?
In Vietnam, due to the high humidity, the climate often affects the production and storage of goods. When changing weather, changing the place of storage from the place of production to the consumer, the moisture conditions in each other will make the product deteriorate, ferment, mold, .... So , the use of moisture-proof seeds is very necessary for businesses. Transportation and storage, especially container shipping by sea using a desiccant package, is almost mandatory.

The use of desiccant not only extends the life of the goods, but also demonstrates the credibility of the business through compliance with international standards for the preservation, storage and transportation of goods.
If you have any questions, please contact us for more careful advice when deciding to use moisture content for your product.


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