Moisturizing pack for the seeds

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Moisturizing pack for the seeds

If you still consider the benefits of moisture-proof package, after reading this article, you will definitely immediately change your mind.
You are a cook, so there are always nuts like green beans, black beans, peanuts, sesame seeds ... But one day, you get them from the kitchen cabinet and suddenly discover They are moldy and can not be cooked or used. So, to keep the best preserved nuts, take advantage of the moisturizing packets commonly found in food packaging.
1. Moisturizing food preserves food
For nuts to be stored for a long time, it should be dried, in a dry, cool place. But this is only a short time. No matter how tight it is, there is still oxygen between the seeds. So, they were moldy overnight.

That's why you need to know how to preserve nuts from moisture with the extremely effective moisturizing pack below.
First, you need to prepare some moisture-proof packages. You can take advantage of the confectionary, dry food, or buy it at specialty desserts. Then, use a thin paper bag or mesh wrapped with some moisture-proof seeds and put in the bag, seed box.
By doing this, nuts can stay for weeks without any damage or moldiness. But you should also note, after a while, you need to change the new moisture barrier to maintain the moisture absorption.

2. Share the experience of using moisture-proof package
Ms. Mai said: "My family is very fond of eating green tea, black beans, so there are always two types of nuts in the house. But because the former did not know how to preserve the beads are vulnerable to moldy, damaged. Just cooked once is to leave because of termite bites, mold. But after knowing how to preserve nuts with moisturizing packets, this is no longer a problem that can prevent me from making healthy, nutritious teas. It is unbelievable that the anti-moisture package seemed like "throw away" has such great use. This is an extremely useful tip for homemade sisters like me. "
Now you know a great tip with a moisture-proof package right? Take advantage of them to preserve nuts. What's more convenient in the kitchen cabinets are always the ingredients needed to make good food.

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