Moisturizes the candy with a hygienic package

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Moisturizes the candy with a hygienic package

Confectionery is almost sugar sweet, so it easily becomes watery in hot weather or is affected by the moisture in the air when stored for a long time. The use of moisture-desiccant packet for candy is very necessary. So when you peel a packet of candy can often see a package of moisture in it, it will dehumidify in the box or in each package, avoid the candy is infected with steam and watery. Furthermore, when the candy is moist, it becomes moldy, even deformed.

With some types of biscuits, moon cakes, powdered cakes, etc., which are strongly desiccant from the air, they are more susceptible to moisture and deformation. With these cakes, the more moisture they have to protect them. Therefore, with each box of biscuit cake, moon cake manufacturers have to put in a box of desiccant to preserve.

Confectionery is available in the market with many types and many different forms, usually each package of candy has a shelf life of 3 months or more. In addition to the confectionery in the water, they are also packed for export. Therefore, in order to preserve the candy from being moldy, apart from putting a hygienic package into the confectionery package, the Dehumidification package for storage during transportation, storage in the country or export to foreign markets.

Note hygienic package for children

For parents, let's take notice when puffing baby candy, after peeping, look for and discard the hygienic package before giving it to your baby. While every hygienic package contains "not to eat" or "not eatable" messages, its shape makes it difficult for children to understand that it is a candy and can be eaten. In addition, the desiccant particles are often round, some types of silicone gel silica gel is beautiful colors and shapes that make children curious to peel out and make toys. This is not advisable because during childbirth it will cause the desiccant to hit the eye or be removed into the mouth.

In essence, the desiccant does not harm, it is safe to use to prevent moisture for candy and other foods. However, due to the strong water absorption properties, the desiccant will dry and firmly attached to the cornea when accidentally fall into the eye.


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